Studies & Fact Sheets on Mercury Exposure from Dental Amalgam and Adverse Health Effects of Mercury, and of Other Toxic Metals or Environmental Toxins-  DAMS Intl.

DAMS(Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions) is a patient support group providing information to mercury toxic individuals on testing, treatment options, list of specially trained dentists and doctors, etc. ( ph:651-644-4572; ) We have provided information to many thousands of poisoned people, most of whose health improves significantly with proper treatment after reducing mercury exposure. We have documentation on thousands of such patients. Likewise information on exposures and harm by other environmental toxins.

The information on this Florida Dams Chapter web page contains over 5000 peer-reviewed medical study references documenting high exposures from amalgam and mechanisms of causality for 30 chronic conditions. It has been summarized into 23 DAMS Fact Sheets for documenting the high exposures and adverse effects due to mercury from amalgam (and other mercury sources). They are available to anyone for use in educating the public, Media, Legislators, Officials, Dental Staff, etc. They can be downloaded or copied from the web site.         Dams Page


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